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FAQs About the Senior Benefits Foundation


Q = What are you selling?

A = We don't sell anything, and we don't charge for our services. 

Q = Who can participate? 

A = Anyone can participate in our educational programs.  There is never a charge, and you can take any of our classes anytime you choose to take them. And yes, you can refer us to your friends. 

Q = Do you sell my personal information? 

A = No. In fact, you can participate in any of our training classes and remain COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. And if you do choose to register to receive custom reports on your specific retirement choices, your data will never be sold.


Q = What's the catch? 

A = There IS no catch.  All of our training, consultation and reports are provided to you at ZERO cost.

Q = I received a mailer from you. What is it all about? 

A = We reach out to people age 60 to 65 to make them aware of our programs. There is NO requirement to mail it back unless you want to receive personal one-on-one help with understanding the often-confusing government programs of Medicare and Social Security.


Q = Can I just take the training and get my free reports, but continue to work with my own agent? 

A = Yes. There is never any requirement to work with our trained volunteer agents. 


Q = How do you stay in business if it's free?

We are sponsored by licensed insurance agents who are in the business of selling insurance. They generously provide their expertise to seniors and helping seniors with their
retirement planning needs. 

As an educational foundation, we can only provide GENERIC information and explanations of these programs.  Our sponsoring agents are trained and licensed to discuss your SPECIFIC questions.

Q = Where are you located? 

A = We are located at 305 Donelson Pike, Suite B, Nashville, Tennessee. 37214.  You can call us toll-free at
1-800-391-1201. Our corporate offices are open weekdays from
10 am until 6 pm.  

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